Leadership effectiveness & management team audit

  • Are you sure you know your own executives?
  • Do you even have the right executives?
  • What does your management team specifically need to be successful?
  • Which skills will actually be needed in your industry in the future?


Leadership effectiveness & management team audit is an efficient tool for analysing the skills and potential of executives within your company environment. The goal is to effectively focus management resources on the company’s strategy and on current business issues. The entire organisational culture is shaped by leadership style, which has a significant impact on company success, employee engagement and satisfaction.

Amrop defines leadership assessment as structured, comprehensive and objective evaluation of a professional’s current competences and future potential. It relies on a group of criteria, specified in advance (job position, management level) and is based on expert and reliable measurements. For this purpose, we are using different methods such as psychometric testing, competency-based interviews, reference checking and also, a more complex approach through an assessment / development centre.


Key people review

  • Who are your most promising people?
  • Which skills need to be developed so your best people can progress to the most demanding job positions?
  • What is the potential damage if the wrong person gets promoted?


Key people review is essential for any leader during »the first 100 days« as well as during ongoing succession planning and organisational development. At new CEO arrival, before or after M&A etc. it makes sense to scan key people in your company so you can quickly get an insight into the current leadership situation. Such information can present a basis for decisions for future leadership structure. By discovering and effectively developing your high-potential people, your company ensures prime career opportunities to its employees. By doing this, you are retaining knowledge, skills and engagement of your people at the highest levels. Every leader knows that nothing costs as much as losing your best employees. We advise which skills to develop and how to keep your key people motivated.


HR due dilligence

  • You are planning M&A. What is the quality of human resources and company culture in target company? What are their day-to-day processes like?


Before M&A, financial operations of the target company need to be revised and the same goes for human resources. HR due diligence gives you a quick and exact overview of people, HR processes and organisational culture. Based on this, you can plan synergies as well as savings in your human resources area within merged companies.


Leadership team development

  • You have capable and efficient leaders; however, the leadership team is not functioning as it should. Where are the reasons?
  • How to adapt communication style according to each person and his/her personality in order to achieve common goals?
  • How to efficiently use advantages and disadvantages of every individual at teamwork?


Every leader is an individual with his/her own personality which has its advantages and disadvantages. In some situations, the same personality trait (e.g. stubbornness) can represent a strength, but at other times it can be seen as a serious drawback. As team members, we need to learn how to effectively use our unique personality, communication style and life perspective in order to reach maximum team synergy. We can help you with in-depth analysis of personality, values, preferred team roles and communication styles, with the purpose of an easier and more pleasant path towards common business goals.


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