We have prepared two programs:

  • Program »Career Consultation«
  • Program »100 Days for Career Transition«


In the program “Career Consultation” you and your consultant will make an analysis of your competitive advantages on the labour market, you will become aware of possible drawbacks and you will receive advice on how to develop your skills and profile as a result. You will be given guidance on how to write a strong CV and you will learn how to present yourself in an interview to your best advantage.


In addition to this, the programme »100 Days for Career Transition« will help you pass the psychological tests designed for the level of your desired position. The consultation with a psychologist will provide you with an explanation of your results and a clearer picture of your personality, professional focus and motivation for further development. You will be advised about your role within the team, possible formal and informal educational programmes that would benefit you to develop necessary skills and knowledge in order to achieve personal career goals. During this process, your consultant will be available for you by phone and by mail.