ETHICS: moral principles that govern conduct. 

We conduct business in a way that is transparent, honest and trustworthy. We:
  • present clear, fair and competitive proposals to Clients and Candidates
  • strive to check the veracity of declarations pertaining to assignments (Clients and Candidates)
  • take all measures to avoid conflicts of interests
  • adhere to off-limits agreements
  • refrain from presenting a Candidate to more than one organization at the same time 
  • refrain from approaching a placed Candidate for opportunities outside the Client organization 
  • are committed to the strictest confidentiality in our business conduct, respecting all Data Protection and Privacy laws and principles.


CARING: displaying kindness and concern for others. 

We show consideration and value for people as individuals. We:
  • are Trusted Advisors for our Clients, assuring sustained, personal attention at senior levels
  • follow up on the performance and satisfaction of Clients and Candidates post placement
  • exercise ‘reflection in action’ in our dealings with others, checking biases and assumptions before forming conclusions
  • create space for constructive feedback sharing: at the appropriate time and place, and with a positive inner attitude
  • train, coach and mentor Amrop Partners, Consultants, Researchers and Associates 
  • support our Amrop Colleagues in all possible ways to assure their well-being and success
  • help our Amrop Colleagues to pursue their ‘core excellence’ in their work, respecting their limits.


CURIOSITY: a strong desire to know or learn. 

We are forward looking, and exercise an ‘explorer’ mentality in our quest for knowledge. We:
  • help Clients identify and position transformative leaders with a responsible vision, drive and ambition 
  • implement a ‘context driven’ approach; based on our Clients’ business, market and leadership needs
  • invest in proprietary Thought Leadership to keep abreast of Client and Candidate needs
  • participate in Amrop’s formal learning programs and transfer new knowledge into our Client and Candidate interactions
  • are open to informal learning from each other, irrespective of level or seniority, within Amrop offices and across borders
  • actively seek to learn about and understand other cultures, national and organizational.


AGILITY: the ability to adapt quickly and easily. 

We work collaboratively, efficiently and flexibly to meet the needs of internal and external stakeholders. We:
  • offer innovative and best-practice solutions in critical leadership domains
  • are open and willing to discuss ways in which our knowledge and experience can be an asset to our clients 
  • exercise proactivity and fast response at all times
  • are on a quest to evolve as individuals and as an organization 
  • are able and willing to challenge our established convictions and assumptions
  • help each other to try, fail, learn, and try again.


EXCELLENCE: the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.  

We pay keen attention to processes and outcomes. We:
  • take all measures to ensure the robustness of Amrop processes and tools
  • benchmark Amrop processes and practice with best-in-class peer organizations 
  • assure that quality levels are consistent in all Amrop offices
  • signal any quality issues in a proactive and timely manner to the relevant stakeholders
  • check Client and Candidate satisfaction levels at pre-agreed milestones of an assignment
  • replace a placed Candidate who leaves under pre-agreed conditions within a pre-agreed time frame, and respecting pre-agreed fees.


INCLUSION: the action of including or being included within a group or structure. 

We nourish ‘diversity of demographics and of thought’. We:
  • exercise objectivity, cross-checking for signs of preferential treatment or exclusion of individuals or groups
  • visit Clients in pairs to ensure a relevant blend of expertise and perspectives 
  • strive to present a diverse range of Candidates, in terms of mindset and demographics 
  • invest in virtual and physical platforms to share knowledge and expertise across geographies and cultures
  • build diversity into Amrop’s own recruitment and development policies 
  • build Amrop teams and workgroups across cultural borders
  • ensure openness and transparency throughout Amrop, eschewing ‘in-groups’ or elitism.
Underlying Principle
Underpinning Amrop’s Code of Professional Practice, we strive at all times to act in accordance with Amrop’s global Mission:

Shaping sustainable success through inspiring leaders

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